among dim shape

IN THE HOLLOW OF THE PEAKS an absorbed gaze in the white form space is stretched little is needed for the lines to open from new pages between the hollows closer to the peaks the gazes strain In the hollow of the peaks_oil stick on paper + video + […]


UNIDENTIFIED U.F.O.’s appear as ghostly shapes—images that disrupt everyday experience. The U.F.O.’s advent gives rise to stories that evolve, develop and propagate. FLYING Celestial phenomena, the origin and existence of U.F.O.’s are mysteries. Hovering in the sky, U.F.O.’s work metonymically, generating new panoramas and possibilities. […]


Rubbing_in Friction_video on wall and black sand on floor_150 X 90 cm_2016. Projected parallelepipeds move horizontally back and forth. Under the video, a pile of black sand accumulates on the floor. In the installation, friction between “virtual” forms seems to produce very real dust. The black […]


This series focuses on the idea of trace. In French, the word «trace» also suggests meanings related to the English words «track», «path», or «mark». The art works of Trace consist on various GIFs projecting actions on whose signs appear and disappear. Each sign is […]


horizon(s) The following pieces serve as research into the construction of horizon(s). Variation_video_2015 Re-construction_paintings on canvas_122 x 30,5 cm ; 61 x 45,5 cm_2015   left :Swing II_acrylic on a wooden frame_122 x 30,5 cm_2015 right: Swing I_acrylic on sixteen wooden frames_59 x 59 cm_2015 […]

Convertible sculpture_black felt on a wall_ 150 x 150 cm_2017

Hidden shape

Hidden shape_Gif on a wall + black square_2016 Hidden shape_marker on paper_61 x 48 cm_2015 Hidden shape_marker on paper_61 x 48 cm_2015