Author: annesophiecoiffet


horizon(s) The following pieces serve as research into the construction of horizon(s). Variation_video_2015   Re-construction_paintings on canvas_122 x 30,5 cm ; 61 x 45,5 cm_2015   left :Swing II_acrylic on a wooden frame_122 x 30,5 cm_2015 right: Swing I_acrylic on sixteen wooden frames_59 x 59 […]

Convertible sculpture_black felt on a wall_ 150 x 150 cm_2017

Hidden shape

Hidden shape_Gif on a wall + black square_2016 Hidden shape_marker on paper_61 x 48 cm_2015 Hidden shape_marker on paper_61 x 48 cm_2015


Untitled_4 pieces of wood_15 x 20 cm_2016 Contact The following pieces address the meeting of forms, an area of contact which creates a subjective language of proximity. Contacts I_acrylic on canvas_90 x 70 cm_2015   Contacts II_digital drawing on seven wooden pieces_35 x 20 cm_2015 […]


Fading_acrylic on canvas_91,5 x 45,5 cm ; 91,5 x 45,5 cm ; 56 x 71 cm_2015


Les Possibles II_acrylic on canvas_61 x 46 cm_2015 projections Possibilities in space and the possibilities of space – shapes and images serve as a platform for creation and metamorphosis. This series focuses on the development of the relationship between shapes and their transformations.   Les […]

Du point à l’astre

Du point à l’astre is a series of digital collages and drawings, also collected in 5 booklets: Concrétion, Pulsation, Réson/nance, Vibration, Expansion . Inspired by geology, astronomy and poetry, research and references crisscross through a dense network of lines. Terrestrial forms conglomerate and awaken, resonate […]